Financial Aid

Once you’ve submitted a financial aid application and been admitted to Boston University, the Financial Assistance office will calculate your financial eligibility. If you are eligible for need-based aid based on these calculations, we’ll develop a customized package for you. It may include University grants as well as a combination of funds from federal and state grants, federally subsidized and unsubsidized loans, and on-campus student employment.

While we make every effort to help students in need, we do not have sufficient funds to assist all eligible applicants. Students with the strongest academic records receive priority consideration for available funds. Still, we encourage all applicants to file both the CSS PROFILE and FAFSA.

For details about how to apply for financial aid, the types of awards that make up our financial aid packages and the criteria for eligibility, please visit the Financial Assistance website.

Application Deadlines

The deadlines for the PROFILE and FAFSA applications to be received by the processors are:

September Admission — Freshman Applicants February 15
Early Decision* — Freshman Applicants November 1
Early Decision 2** — Freshman Applicants January 1
September Admission — Transfer Applicants March 1
January Admission*** — Freshman & Transfer Applicants November 1

* Early Decision: CSS/PROFILE is due by November 1; FAFSA is due by February 15.
** Early Decision 2: CSS/PROFILE is due by January 1; FAFSA is due by February 15.
*** January Admission: financial aid applicants are also required to submit income verification documentation directly to BU Financial Assistance.

Loan and Payment Programs

In addition to University-sponsored merit awards and need-based grants, BU offers a tuition payment plan. Students and parents also have the option of paying all or some of their education expenses with credit-based private loans. For more information, please see loan and financing options on the Financial Assistance website.

Note to International Students:

Need-based financial aid from Boston University is not currently available to international students. For general information about financial assistance, please request the booklet “Financial Planning for Study in the United States” from the U.S. Information Agency or a binational advising center in your home country.

International students may be eligible for select merit scholarships offered by Boston University.