Tuition and Fees

As you prepare to budget for your 2018/2019 academic year educational expenses, you will find some costs easier to predict than others. You will also need money for books, supplies, personal expenses, and transportation. A one-time fee of $300 will be charged for attending the mandatory University Orientation. Listed here are the costs for the 2018/2019 academic year, which include billed expenses (tuition, fees, room and board) as well as estimates for other expenses.

First Semester Charges

Charges at the University are billed by semester. First semester charges are due in full by early August.

Tuition $26,408
Undergraduate Student Fees $566
Room and Board* $7,860
Total Billed Expenses $34,834

*Room and board rates vary depending upon type of housing and dining plan. Rates are for room and board for the full academic year. Participation in the dining program is optional for students who are assigned to apartment-style residences. Variances in room and board may also occur if students claim commuter status as a special circumstance. 

Billed Expenses for the 2018/19 Academic Year

Billed Expenses
Tuition $52,816
Room (depending on type of accommodation) $10,390
Board (most dining plans) $5,330
Fees $1,132
Total Billed Expenses $69,668
Other Related Expenses
Books and Supplies $1,000
Personal Expenses $1,320
Local Transportation (average) $630
Total Other Related Expenses $2,950

*Tuition and fees are subject to change by action of the Board of Trustees.

Mandatory Health Insurance

Massachusetts law requires all students enrolled in at least 75% of the full-time curriculum to have medical insurance. Students who cannot demonstrate coverage under a qualifying medical insurance plan are required to purchase the University’s student health insurance plan, which is due and payable with your first-semester charges. For more information, see the Student Health Services website.

Payment Options

International students may pay their enrollment deposit using either Flywire or Western Union Business Solutions. Visit the Student Accounting Services site for links to these payment options. Payment through these vendors may often result in faster crediting of payments and a lower exchange rate. You will need your BU ID number to complete your payment. Please fax a copy of the bank receipt with your name, Boston University ID number, and the dollar amount to BU Admissions at 617-353-5334. We strongly recommend making your payment by the deadline indicated on your voucher.

Next Steps in Financing Your Degree

Now that you have been admitted to Boston University, we are sure you have questions about financing your BU education. BU Financial Assistance is ready to help you. Learn more and follow the next steps to stay on track.