Before-Graduation ‘Bucket List’

All of the students I talked to were very involved, but everyone had some things they still wanted to experience before they graduated. It’s hard to believe!

Put these experiences on your list:

  • Study abroad: Jackie DiBenedetto (CAS), an international relations major, says, “Studying abroad is a key part of my major.” I could not agree more! Having the opportunity to experience another culture and gain experience in your field is priceless. Jackie wants to study in Africa and is finding BU to be very accommodating in helping this dream come true.
  • The Beanpot: The Beanpot is “the ultimate BU hockey game,” according to Mike Gomez (CAS). Each year, BU, BC, Harvard, and Northeastern compete in a hockey tournament to claim the Beanpot title. I am happy to report that BU has won the most Beanpots in the history of the competition (29 and counting).
  • First Year Student Outreach Program (FYSOP): One week before school begins, a group of incoming freshmen move in early and perform community service activities throughout the city of Boston. Sam Kuttner (CAS) loved FYSOP so much that he plans to serve again as a staff member. This is definitely an opportunity not to be missed!
  • Alternative Spring Break (ASB): Tom Gott (COM) still wants to get involved in ASB, through the Community Service Center, before he graduates next year. His roommates have traveled to perform service in various parts of the country during their weeklong spring break and they loved it. “It’s a good way to get out, meet new people, and try something new,” he said.
  • Silent Disco: Caitlin Fairfield wants to participate in the silent disco before she graduates. A group of students get together and dance with headphones on in the middle of Marsh Plaza while listening to music on their own iPods. Not only is it a fun, liberating activity that brings people together, but Caitlin admits, “It’s also fun for the viewer!”
  • Broomball: Ahh broomball…BU’s most dangerous and coveted club sport! Konstantine Mastianni’s (SMG) friends play this version of hockey that is played on ice, in sneakers, with a plastic broom. “After games, people are very black and blue, but it’s fun,” he says. While this isn’t a sport for those afraid of a few bumps and bruises, being a part of a BU broomball team is truly a unique, unforgettable, undergraduate experience.
  • Painting the BU Rock: Courtney LaPorte (Sargent) wants to paint the rock on the BU Beach before she graduates. “The rock is a symbol of school spirit,” Courtney says. It doesn’t hurt that almost everyone would be able to see her masterpiece once it’s completed.
  • Dress Up as Rhett for a Day: When Stephen Maouyo (ENG) said that he wanted to dress up as Rhett, the BU mascot, for a day, I chuckled and asked him why. He looked me in the eye and replied, “Because everyone loves Rhett!”

Author: Madeline Rubin, BU student (COM)