What is a ‘Typical’ Saturday?

As a prospective student, I’m sure you want to know what a ‘typical’ day is like at BU, so I asked my fellow students to describe one of their recent Saturdays. Some of the responses I received were pretty mundane. On the other hand, some of the students are really living life to the fullest at BU!

During the day:

  • Nicole Sorice (COM) spent seven hours rehearsing for the On Broadway production of the musical Hair.
  • Konstantine Mastianni (SMG) went to FitRec in the morning, and then locked himself in Mugar, the largest library on campus, to study for midterms.
  • Sam Kuttner (CAS) spent his day volunteering with the Community Service Center, building props and sets for the children’s theatre program.
  • Tom Gott (COM) was lucky enough to work at a hockey game. He worked as a video production assistant and controlled the video score board throughout the game.
  • Taylor Aldredge (COM) woke up late and went to produce his weekly radio show, called the “Saturday Morning Recovery Program,” at the BU radio station WTBU. After the show, he and a friend decided to grab lunch at UBurger, a campus favorite, and then headed off campus to shop on Newbury Street. Taylor says, “It was kind of a lazy Saturday.”

And what about at night?

  • After a day of watching Netflix movies with close friends, Emily Wienberg (CGS) went out to eat at her favorite restaurant L’Osteria in the North End, the Italian section of the city, before heading to BU Central to watch a jazz combo perform.
  • Tabitha Watson (CAS) had a friend visiting for the weekend, so they ate dinner at the George Sherman Student Union and then went to a party that the student group Umoja, BU’s Black Student Union, was putting on after their annual fashion show. “It was a lot of fun,” Tabitha said.
  • After a day walking through historic Beacon Hill, Brian DeVito (COM) went to the North End for famous cannoli’s at Mike’s Pastry before checking out a comedy show at the Improv Asylum.
  • Hannah Freedman (COM) enjoys getting Frozen Yogurt at Red Mango and then going to a movie at Fenway AMC Theatres near campus, especially because students can get discounted tickets from the George Sherman Union.

Every student’s Saturday looks different depending on their interests, the week, and really, their mood. While some students like to take the weekends to explore the city, others like to use their free time to catch up on work. But the good news is that I did not hear one student say that he or she was bored. There is always something to do!

Author: Madeline Rubin, BU student (COM)