Student Diversity

Our undergraduate students come from 50 U.S. states, more than 100 countries, and a myriad of ethnic, cultural, and socioeconomic backgrounds. We welcome diversity and celebrate it through hundreds of multicultural organizations and events year-round.

But diversity means more to us than where you come from, what you look like, and what language you speak. It’s also about how you think, what you believe, and who you want to be. As a student here, you’ll find lots of people who share your background and interests. But day in and day out, you’ll also meet people and hear ideas unlike any you’ve encountered before. You’ll sit next to students who will provide you with global perspectives, in and out of the classroom. Our acclaimed faculty also offer unique global perspectives.

Take a moment to meet our Admissions Student Diversity Board (ASDB), a talented group of students who work year-round to promote diversity on campus. The ASDB blog is a great glimpse into how you can join our community too!

Don’t forget to also check out The Howard Thurman Center for Common Ground, a campus resource that connects students from diverse social networks.

Some of the diverse clubs and activities you’ll have a chance to experience at BU:

  • CENA, a celebration of Latin food, takes place every September.
  • Culture Fest features performances, activities, and events sponsored by a variety of cultural groups in March.
  • Fall Gospel Concert celebrates traditional black gospel music.
  • Campus Conversations on Race, sponsored by the Baha’i Club, encourages open dialogue on race.
  • ISA: The World Is One, sponsored by the Filipino Student Association, showcases traditional dances of nearly a dozen cultural groups.
  • The Lives of Others: A Tribute to the Makers of Black History is a collection of song, dance, spoken word, and other performances sponsored by UMOJA, BU’s black student union.
  • Garba Fest is a Boston-wide event sponsored by the India Club to raise awareness of Garba, a specific Indian dance.  The group holds competitions and collaborates with other Indian cultural groups throughout Boston.
  • Taste of Culture, hosted by the International Student Hospitality Association, showcases the cuisine of countries from around the world.

And for a full list of cultural, religious and other diverse student organizations, visit the Student Activities Office’s website.