Life on Campus

Like Nicole Chabaneix (CAS) and Allison Bitto (SAR) in the video above, you too could meet your new best friend as soon as you step out of an elevator. But what you may not realize is just how many different ways there are to make lifelong friendships at BU. Whether you’re interested in exploring a hobby or celebrating your culture, student life at BU has a lot to offer you.

Check out just a sampling of our more than 450 unique student organizations:

SPLASH Photography Club
Outing Club Curling Club


Finding your way at BU: Living on campus

With four years of guaranteed on-campus housing, you will become part of BU’s residential community. Students can live in historic brownstones, state-of-the-art high rise apartments, or even specialty housing for your school or college.

On-campus housing ensures you will find a network of classmates and friends that will make your transition to BU smoother. By the end of freshman year, many students start to feel like campus is their home away from home. If you’re not sure where to live, you can watch these videos about some of the popular freshman residences.

Campus Life 101

Not sure how to keep your white laundry white? Or how to eat well on a budget? The Campus Life 101 series by BU Today offers tips on how to navigate the basics of college life.