Plan Your Visit

To help you plan your visit to campus, we have provided several links below. There are a few important things to remember:

Hotels fill up quickly. Check out the dates for the Open House programs and reserve your hotel as soon as possible. You will find hotels listed alphabetically in the link below.

Getting to campus
Boston University is an urban campus. Driving and parking in the city can be challenging. We recommend using public transportation if at all possible. If you plan to drive to campus for a spring event, directions and a parking pass are provided at the link below. We advise you to arrive early to allow for traffic and parking during peak commuter times.

Dining options

In addition to our campus dining options, Boston is home to many amazing restaurants you may want to check out on your visit. Restaurants are listed alphabetically on the link below.

Things to Do

It would be challenging to try to name all of our city’s attractions, but we can provide you a list of some of our favorite options including historical sites, museums, arts & entertainment, and sports.