Pre-Law Programs

Boston University offers many different undergraduate paths to a career in law. While getting excellent preparation for law school, you’ll have the freedom to concentrate on a subject area that truly excites you.

Some pre-law students choose a traditional pre-law major through either the College of Arts & Sciences (CAS) or the Questrom School of Business (Questrom). But you can also choose any of the 250+ majors offered by our schools and colleges. For example, you could major in political science or international relations (CAS). Or get your degree in a field unrelated to law, such as Latin (CAS) or painting (CFA).

The path you follow is up to you. But to help you along the way, BU provides specialized pre-professional advisors for legal careers. Your advisors will give you expert guidance on courses, research projects and other co-curricular opportunities that will help you compete for the best law schools.

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