Honor Programs

Arvind and Chandan Nandlal Kilachand Honors College

Being a Kilachand Honors College student means joining a community of exceptional peers and distinguished faculty engaged in research, invention and creative activity that bridges fields from law to physics, music to medicine, and business to philosophy.

As a student you will enroll in one of BU’s nine four-year undergraduate schools and colleges where you will complete a program of coursework in a chosen major. But at the same time you will follow a curriculum of innovative multi-disciplinary study throughout your four years at BU. You will have opportunities outside the classroom to connect with the larger community of scientific, business, cultural and political leaders as part of your broader experience.

During your senior year, you’ll also work on a keystone project–an in-depth work of research, creation, or invention. Follow your curiosity to wherever it might lead you. One student recently traveled to El Salvador to study gang violence while another visited London’s National Archive to read Her Majesty’s correspondence. It’s up to you.

To learn more, visit the Kilachand Honors College website.

The CAS Core Curriculum

Do you enjoy lively debates on topics like morality’s place in politics or the cultural impact of globalization? Perhaps you have an interest in the social role of comedy in society. Or you might want to delve into the evolution of the universe. Maybe you just love to read great books written by outstanding authors. If these ideas are intriguing, you will enjoy being a part of the College of Arts & Sciences Core Curriculum.

The Core combines the humanities, natural sciences and social sciences into a single structured curriculum. It consists of eight historically based courses that examine both Western and non-Western thought and literature. You could read anything from Aristotle and Confucius to Dostoyevsky, Jane Austen, or even Karl Marx. You could study subjects as wide-ranging as the Big Bang Theory, the fossil record or human genetics. You might ponder the music of Mozart or examine psychological and sociological models of human identity.

Regardless of where you go on your journey though the Core, it will be a springboard into lifelong learning and intellectual inquiry. Our courses consist of lectures taught by some of BU’s finest teachers and scholars, and then weekly small seminars where you can really interact with your professors and peers. You will learn to think critically, speak persuasively and write powerfully.

Approximately 500 freshmen choose to participate in the Core, which is one of two ways of fulfilling your general education requirement for the College of Arts & Sciences. Like the other option, a more traditional divisional studies program, the Core will account for about one-half of your courses during your freshman and sophomore years and will not preclude you from taking other courses as electives.

CAS Honors in the Major Program (independent study)

The College of Arts & Science’s independent study program, Honors in the Major, allows qualified students to go deeper into a topic within their major or minor concentration and graduate with honors. This two-semester research program is usually completed during senior year. It culminates in a thesis and an oral examination in front of a faculty committee. You’ll have a faculty supervisor for guidance, but most of your project will be independently conceived and self-directed. The program is designed to give you valuable research experience and independent study skills. By successfully completing it, you’ll demonstrate that you can manage a sustained research project similar to those in graduate school.

Questrom School of Business Honors Program

During their sophomore year in the Questrom School of Business, the most academically qualified students are invited to participate in the Questrom School of Business Honors Program. In the Questrom School of Business Honors Program, students participate in weekly colloquia intended to complement and lend depth to their management courses, attend exclusive seminars on topics such as intellectual property, social responsibility, and investing in green technologies, and enjoy unique networking opportunities. Students also have the opportunity to explore internships during the summers and to study abroad.

Other benefits of the Questrom School of Business Honors Program include extracurricular resources such as monthly dinner meetings, social events and special academic advisors.