Global Opportunities

At Boston University, we look beyond our classrooms and borders as we provide you a truly global experience. We have the study abroad program in the country, with nearly half of BU students studying, researching, and interning on six continents. And on campus, you will find the 12th largest international student population in the US and a global community of professors, students, and researchers representing more than 140 countries.

Find yourself abroad

One of the best ways to enhance your education at Boston University might be spending some time studying several thousand miles away. Madrid? Shanghai? Venice, perhaps?

Finding an opportunity won’t be hard, but choosing your favorite might be. BU is one of the premier (and one of the first) study abroad universities in the U.S. We have more than 100 programs in over 25 countries—programs in languages, liberal arts, fine arts, business, engineering and science—and Open Doors has ranked us #21 on its list of campuses with the most students studying abroad. Our variety of study and work options is unmatched.

Here’s a small sample of the ways you can combine intellectual adventures with practical experience:

  • Explore the stage in the London Acting Program at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts for College of Fine Arts students.
  • Fulfill course requirements at the Dresden Engineering Program, designed for second-semester sophomores in engineering.
  • Uncover the diverse Ecuadorian ecosystems in the Ecuador Tropical Ecology Program for biology and environmental science majors.
  • Participate in Summer Travel Writing in Australia, structured around a 12-day research trip from the ocean to the outback.
  • Follow internship tracks in either International Relations, History and Politics or Public Health with the Geneva Internship Program.
  • Study modern Arabic and participate in service learning with organizations such as Amnesty International in Morocco with the Rabat Arabic Language & Service Learning Program.
  • Spend a semester studying ecosystems of Ecuador with biology and environmental science majors.
  • Discover Japanese language at the Kyoto Consortium for Japanese Studies (KCJS).
  • Tour the ancient baobabs, sultan’s fortresses, and colorful markets of Zanzibar.
  • Live sustainably and become versed in traditional medicine through a service learning program in Peru.

For more information about current offerings, watch our Study Abroad Videos or visit our BU Study Abroad website.

Do a world of good

BU has a rich tradition of volunteering. Here are a few of the ways our students give back:

Meet the world right here

At Boston University, you’ll get worldwide perspectives just by roaming our campus.

  • Study within the College of Arts & Sciences’ Frederick S. Pardee School of Global Studies. The School’s mission is to improve the human condition around the globe through interdisciplinary research and education.
  • Choose from more than 640 courses that address global and international themes, including classes on 27 different languages.
  • Study or research with international faculty from more than 90 countries.
  • Meet students from countries ranging from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe.
  • Need further proof? Open Doors has ranked BU #9 on its list of campuses with the most international students.

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