Profile of Admitted Students

Can I get in?

We understand you have one question, and it’s a big one – can I get in?

You won’t know until you apply, of course.

Because we’re looking for students who are likely to succeed at BU, grades matter. Taking honors, AP, IB or the most challenging courses available to you matters. Test scores matter.

We’re also looking for students who will create a unique, diverse community at BU. People who are doers—volunteers, entrepreneurs, and artists. Students who are passionate about a single pursuit or exploring a wide variety of subjects. That’s why we consider extracurricular activities and interests, special talents and skills, along with recommendations from teachers, counselors, community leaders and others who know you well.

Below is a profile of the freshman class admitted for the fall of 2016.

Total Applicants: 57,441
Total Freshmen: 3,500
Percent Admitted: 29%
Average Rank in High School Class: Top 8%
Average Overall Grade: A-
SAT Average (CR+M+WR): 2067
SAT Average (CR+M): 1377
ACT Average: 31