BU Faculty Engaged in Addictions Research

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Name School1 Department Current Research
Maryann Amodeo SSW Social Work Alcohol, drugs, substance abuse treatment, child welfare
Dan Alford MED General Internal Medicine Opiods, pain
Sara Bachman SSW Graduate Instruction Oral health care for those with HIV/AIDS
Marlene Oscar Berman MED Behavioral Neuroscience Emotional and cognitive consequences of human brain damage
Edward Bernstein MED Emergency Medicine Efficacy of opioid overdose education
Judith Bernstein SPH Community Health Sciences Outcomes for women with substance abuse disorder, high risk drinking, interventions for patients with high risk use
Deborah Bowen SPH Community Health Sciences Tobacco cessation and prevention
Deborah J. Brief MED Psychiatry Treatment, interventions, web-based interventions, veterans
James Burgess SPH Health Policy and Management Quality profiling, mental health / substance use disorder
Sheila Chapman MED CARE Unit Methadone treatment
Jiang-Fan Chen MED Neurology Addictions
Debbie Cheng MED, SPH CARE Unit/Biostatistics HIV, Drugs, Alcohol, Russians
Dom Ciraulo MED Psychiatry Psychopharmacology
Pietro Cottone MED Pharmacology & Experimental Therapeutics Neurobiological mechanisms of compulsive eating
William DeJong SPH Community Health Sciences Campus, alcohol, drugs, tobacco
Don DeRosa SED, MED CityLab alcohol education, youth
Justin Enggasser MED Psychiatry Treatment, interventions, web-based interventions, veterans
David Farb MED Pharmacology & Experimental Therapeutics Molecular neurobiology
Lindsay Farrer MED,
Medicine/Biomedical Genetics, Neurology, Ophthalmology, Genetics & Genomics, Epidemiology, Biostatistics Genetics of complex diseases
Deborah Frank MED Pediatrics Children, risk factors
Raul Garcia GSDM Health Policy & Health Services Research Tobacco, smoking
Bennett Goldberg CAS Physics Nanomedicine
Hyeouk Chris Hahm SSW Social Work Substance abuse, severe mental illness, other major psychiatric illnesses
Timothy Heeren SPH Biostatistics Epidemology of alcohol and substance abuse
John Hermos MED Medicine / MAVERIC Treatment, prescription drug misuse, pharmaco-epidemiology, veterans
Stefan Hofmann CAS Psychology SCBT, treatment mechanisms, anxiety, translational research.
Michael Holick MED Endocrinology, Diabetes, and Nutrition Binge drinking in college students
Johnathan Howland SPH Community Health Sciences Elderly, STD, alcohol, over-the-counter medications
Robert Horsburgh SPH Epidemiology Infectious diseases epidemiologist
Renee Johnson SPH Community Health Sciences Neighborhood level factors associated with substance use
Kathleen Kantak CAS Psychology Pharmacological and behavioral interventions for treatment of drug addiction
Gary Kaplan MED Psychiatry, Pharamcology & Experimental Theraputics Neuropharmacology and behavioral neuroscience
Terence Keane MED Psychiatry Internet-based cognitive behavioral interventions; PTSD diagnosis and treatment
Theresa Kim MED Medicine HIV, homeless, Methadone, substance abuse treatment
Clifford Knapp MED Psychiatry Neuropsychological function in alcohol dependent individuals
Conan Kornetsky MED Psychiatry, Pharamcology & Experimental Theraputics Neuronal mechanisms involved in the behavioral effects of drugs
Vidhya Kumaresan
MED Pharmacology Brain disorders, psychostimulants, cocaine
Kimberly Leite-Morris MED Psychiatry, Pharamcology & Experimental Theraputics Neurochemical mechanisms of substance abuse
Colleen Labelle MED CARE unit faculty Opiod treatment
Jane Liebschutz MED, SPH Social and Behavioral Sciences Substance use disorders including prescription drug abuse, chronic pain
Lena Lundgren SSW Graduate Instruction HIV prevention / addiction treatment
Sandra Baker Morissette CAS, MED Pscyhology, Psychiatry Nicotine effects, smokers
Heather Murray Center for Anxiety and Related Disorders Substance use disorders, nicotine
Tim Naimi MED General Internal Medicine Underage drinking, binge drinking, alcohol
Eva Nilsen LAW Criminal law, drug policy, sentencing and legal ethics
Michael Otto CAS Clinical Psychology Anxiety, mood, and substance use disorders
Tibor Palfai CAS Psychology Screening & intervention for drug use
Elizabeth Pratt Center for Anxiety and Related Disorders substance abuse, eating disorders, women
John Renner MED Psychiatry Treatment, buprenorphine, opioids
David Rosenbloom SPH Community Health Sciences, Health Policy & Management Drug prevention & treatment policy
Emily Rothman SPH Community Health Sciences Underage alcohol use
Monica Roy MED Psychiatry Treatment, interventions, web-based interventions, veterans
Amy Rubin MED Medicine/General Internal Medicine Assessment, intervention & treatment accessibility
Valentina Sabino MED Pharmacology & Experimental Therapeutics Neurobiology of addiction & stress-releated disorders
Richard Saitz MED Medicine / General Internal Medicne Early identification and management of alcohol and drug use
Jeffrey Samet MED Medicine / General Internal Medicne Epidemiology of substance abuse and HIV infection
Christopher Shanahan MED Medicine / General Internal Medicne Substance abuse, treatment, Community-based medicine
Sunny Shin SSW Graduate Instruction Etiology of substance abuse in adolescence
Michael Siegel SPH Community Health Sciences Treatment of smoking addiction
Robert Sokolove MED Behavioral Medicine Behavioral Medicine, Smoking Cessation
Avrum Spira MED Pathology tobacco exposure, gene expression
Chris Streeter MED Psychiatry Cocaine and opiate dependence
Lee Strunin SPH Community Health Sciences Alcohol, youth, cross-cultural
Shakira Franco Suglia MED, SPH Adolescent health, tobacco
Carol Sulis MED Medicine Infectious diseases, drug use, alcohol
Lisa Sullivan SPH Biostatistics Biostatistics, alcohol impact on pregnancy
Judith Tsui MED Medicine Hepatitis C virus (HCV), alcohol, drugs, pain
Alexander Walley MED Medicine/General Internal Medicine Community overdose education
Joyce Wong BME Biomedical Engineering Cells, tissue
Ziming Xuan SPH Community Health Sciences Adult alcohol consumption, binge drinking, social context, alcohol advertising
Barry Zuckerman MED Pediatrics prenatal alcohol exposure
Irina V. Zhdanova MED Anatomy & Neurobiology Cocaine, sleep

1 MED = School of Medicine, SPH = School of Public Health, SSW = School of Social Work, CAS = College of Arts and Sciences, LAW = School of Law, GSDM = Goldman School of Dental Medicine, BME = Biomedical Engineering

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