(Last Updated: 6 June 2006)

The Petra scrolls found in 1992 have been translated and are now being researched to determine the real meanings of the works and also to expand the knowledge of the Byzantine Petra lifestyle in the sixth century. These scrolls were carbonized (partially burned) and many were found intact with major portions of the text relatively clear.

The teams working on the scrolls are noted below. All are working to complete the initial publication of the scrolls. The first scrolls will be published in 1999. The Scrolls Teams are not handling questions or information requests at this time, due to deadlines and milestones that have to be met for the publication process. Expect more on these important finds in the future.

The teams are currently:

University of Helsinki: Dr. Jaakko Frösén ( Director), Dr. Maarit Kaimio (Professor), Dr. Jorma Kaimio, Dr. Antti Arjava, Ms. Marjaana Vesterinen, Ms. Mari Mikkola, Ms. Mari Mustonen, Ms. Marja Vierros, Ms. Tiina Rankinen and Ms. Marjo Lehtinen.

University of Michigan: Dr. Ludwig Koenen (Director), Dr. Bob Daniel, Dr. Traianos Gagos and Mr. Bob Caldwell.


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