University Policy

School of Theology Policy

Cross-Registration in Other Boston University Schools

The School of Theology is one of the 17 schools and colleges of Boston University. In consultation with their advisors, students may wish to register for courses at other Boston University schools and colleges, if that registration is permitted according to each school’s policies. It should be noted that some University courses are appropriate for theological study, while others are not.

Some University courses are cross-listed, carrying an STH TX course number. These courses are considered to be School of Theology courses and are treated as integral to the curriculum. Other courses, although not cross-listed, may be recommended as distributional electives in the course of study for a student’s program.

Students can register for any course that is not cross-listed by using the course number of the BU host school. No more than one-half of the total semester’s registration may be taken outside the School of Theology (in the University, the Boston Theological Institute, or elsewhere).

Although MED and SPH courses may be listed in STH clusters, permission to register requires petition to the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs because of the extra costs related to these courses.

Tuition Rates at Other Boston University Schools

Students are encouraged to take courses in other schools and colleges within the University to the extent permitted by each School of Theology degree program and the other schools and colleges themselves. Tuition rates may, however, vary at other Boston University schools and colleges. Students planning on taking a course at one of the other schools must be registered as a full-time student (registered for 9 or more hours) and have a certification code of 1. A student carrying a part-time load (8 or fewer credit hours), who may or may not be “certified full-time,” will be assessed the tuition rate of the school in which the course originates.

Cross-Registration in the Boston Theological Institute (BTI)

Without payment of additional tuition, all full-time School of Theology students may register for up to one-half of their total courses for the semester in any Boston Theological Institute school, providing they have received their advisor’s signed approval. Candidates for the MA and PhD degrees in the Division of Religious & Theological Studies in the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences are eligible to cross-register at BTI schools if they are registered for at least one semester course in the University. See BTI information.

Cross-Registration in the Boston Area Graduate Consortium

Registration in the Boston Area Consortia is a formal agreement between Boston University and several local colleges and universities whereby BU students can attend courses at other institutions, and students from other institutions can attend courses at BU without payment of additional tuition. The primary schools in the cross-registration consortium are Boston College, Brandeis University, Tufts University, and Hebrew College. Information and general guidelines about cross-registration through the Boston Area Graduate Consortium can be obtained from the Office of the University Registrar.