Pastoral Psychology of Groups

STH TY 870

This course has as its first focus the examination of the kinds of psychodynamics that are a part of group life, and the implications of these dynamics for participation in, working with, and serving in pastoral/religious leadership roles with groups in a variety of settings. This course will introduce students to the conscious and unconscious dynamics of group life, and therefore, will be concerned with the transference, countertransference, projection, group identity, and formation, etc. Additionally, the course will examine the relationship of race/ethnicity, culture, gender, class and sexuality as embedded and integral facets of the psychodynamics that shape group processes. Toward these ends, we will engage psychodynamic theories and concepts concerning the functioning of groups from pastoral psychoanalytic group perspectives, and consider what they might offer in the service of pastoral practice. Students will learn experientially about group processes by participating in a small group comprised of members of the class.

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