Pastoral Care, Community Justice and Feminist Ethics

STH TY 855

Two questions that undergird this course is 1)"what is the relationship between pastoral care and justice in and for the broader community?" and 2) "what do diverse feminist ethical and theological perspectives contribute this prior question?" These questions will guide us throughout the semester as we 1) read diverse perspectives on pastoral care and community justice; 2) visit ministry sites that seek to respond to various forms of structural, i.e. economic, healthcare; gendered, ethnicity/racial, sexuality, prison, etc. forms of injustices that impact specific communities; 3) articulate pastoral theologies of care that explicit integrate ethical commitments to justice and responsible pastoral action; 4) explore the difference that difference makes in the texts (human narratives as well as those written); 5) interrogate the exercise of power in unjust social, religious and structural practices and in justice oriented practices of care.

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