War and the Human: Theological Responses to 21st century War

STH TT 844

What motivates us to fight? What are the practices of war saying about who we are, as persons and as a nation? What is the impact of war? This course brings theological insights to bear on current practices of war. Beginning with analysis of the dimensions of 21st century war, we will explore perennial human questions raised within the context of war: love/hate, shame/guilt, conscience, justice, community, identity, and death. This course aims to deepen theological exploration and also seeks to empower students to develop constructive theological responses to war. The course focuses on current practices of war by the U.S. and features site-visits and engagements with different sectors of society directly involved in war/healing work. Topics addressed include: terror & the role of religion in war post 9/11; religion in the military (chaplains, race, class, gender, religious pluralism); the discourse of war - just war, pacifism; technology, intelligence, & the media; trauma and war; the function of race, class, and gender in war; peace, protest, and religious communities. (Requires TF 701/702 or equivalent)

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