Creating Resilience Amidst Resource Scarcity

STH TM 858

Since the mid-1980s, humans have been consuming more of earth's resources than the planet can replenish; the United States alone uses one quarter of the world's energy. This situation, known as "overshoot," has largely arisen from hyper-development. If nothing is done, in several decades there will be vast species extinction, food and fuel shortages, and social unrest. Today's young children could also expect to grow old in a catastrophically degraded world. Many analysts say a cultural and spiritual awakening, including a major rethink of humanity's mission and purpose, is needed to alter this future scenario. So the purpose of this course is to prepare students who can help bring about such an awakening. We will engage Christian theological viewpoints with those of concerned economists, philosophers, and organizational behaviorists. And we will experiment with practical applications of key concepts necessary to positive change.

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