Practicing Faith II

STH TF 704

Situated in the first semester of the MDiv program, the Practicing Faith courses aim: 1) to increase the student's self-awareness of lived faith in dialogue with cultural and religious traditions and with attention to formative spiritual and religious texts and practices; 2) to develop the student's ability to reflect critically about practicing faith. (MDiv Requirement) Each section of the course focuses on a different topic: A1 (Choi) Personal and communal practices of faith through an analysis of leadership, culture, religious traditions, and religious communities, learning how power, authority and leadership interact and are exercised in multicultural society. B1 (Goto) The role of the physical body in welcoming and embracing God's kingdom, and our accent will be on enacting and experiencing faith. C1 (Hassinger) Leadership in the context of congregations and other organizations, grounded in group and individual spiritual practices. D1 (Schlauch) On the incoherence of faith, and moving towards an increasingly coherent faith through examining, critically reflecting upon, and consequently revising the varieties of each of our faith. E1 (Lightsey) The expression of spirituality within the cultural traditions of enslaved African people in America, their progeny and Black people who migrated to this continent, spirituality and religion, and their influence on social justice, seen through different faith traditions and historical narratives.

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