Pastoral Psychology and Psychology of Religion

  • STH TY 911: Object Relations Theory for Pastoral Relationships
    Achieving familiarity with and fluency in a series of psychoanalytic theories of personality/character, development, relationships, motivation, health, and pathology, as a context in which to practice psychoanalytic interpretations of religious matters.
  • STH TY 926: Psychodynamics of Marriage and Family
    This course includes a comprehensive overview of the field of family systems and family therapy. It will serve as an introduction to the theory and techniques of couples and family therapy. An attempt will be made to integrate theory and practice through assignments, class activities, and personal and professional self-reflection. Students will have the opportunity to reflect upon how they might actually use course content professionaly in their respective disciplines.
  • STH TY 946: Ethics and Research in Psychology of Religion and Pastoral Psychology
    Review of ethical issues in the field as well as present and potential research in psychology of religion and pastoral psychology.
  • STH TY 948: Pastoral Psychotherapy
    Goals, methods, and process of psychotherapy as a form of ministry. Theological, psychological, and ethical issues in the theory and practice of pastoral counseling and pastoral psychotherapy. Weekly case conference included.
  • STH TY 956: Near History of Psychology and Counseling Psychology
    A history of psychology as a science will be studied and discussed in terms of methods used in study of religion, theology and social sciences (including pastoral theology and psychology of religion).
  • STH TY 964: Pastoral Psychology: The Self
    Formulating a model of self that takes into account matters of religion, faith, and spirituality; acknowledges the influence of culture, race, ethnicity, class, and gender; and coordinates the contributions of various traditions of inquiry.