Doctor of Ministry

  • STH DM 901: Transformational Leadership
    This course explores diverse perspectives and practices of religious leadership and community transformation, drawing upon recent research and literature in dialogue with participants' experiences as community leaders. Students will explore their personal leadership strengths and goals, theological perspectives and social science findings as regards leadership and transformation, and the insights of living communities. The purpose is to engage with critical issues and to construct new approaches to leadership that can contribute to thriving and society-serving communities.
  • STH DM 902: Contextual Analysis and Transformational Leadership
    This course aims to provide students with theories and practices of leadership and ethics that will assist them in coming into a sense of who they are as transformational leaders and to prepare them for the multiple contexts in which they will lead. Students will have a growing sense of their public role in respect to religious and faith-based communities and to religion as it operates in a variety of contexts.
  • STH DM 903: DMin Research Methods Seminar
  • STH DM 904: DMin Project Colloquium