Church History

  • STH TH 920: History of American Theological Liberalism
    American Theological Liberalism is a doctoral-level seminar that provides an overview into the historical and theological development of liberal theology in the United States. Through reading a variety of primary and secondary sources, the course is designed to provide students an historical and theological overview into the development of liberalism and assess the ongoing significance of theological liberalism in church and society today.
  • STH TH 924: Women in the Reformation
    Examination of the participation of women in the reformations of the sixteenth century and the effect of theological and ecclesiastical changes on women and gender roles in early modern society. Topics include marriage, childbirth, household management, education, authorship, exercise of power, and cloistered life amid the different confessional movements of the early modern period.
  • STH TH 925: The Bible in the Reformation
    Examination of the role of the Bible in the reformations of the sixteenth century, including the development and divergence of Reformation hermeneutics in late medieval and Renaissance context. Special attention will be given to the vernacular translation and popular presentation of the Bible in the sixteenth century press and pulpit.
  • STH TH 927: Early Modern Piety
  • STH TH 930: History of Missiology
    Seminar on the classic Protestant mission theorists of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.
  • STH TH 971: Seminar: Luther and the Radical Reformers
    Historical-social contexts, theologies, and effects of the history of the church from the Reformation to the present.