Lowy-GEM Program in Aging

The Lowy-GEM Program in Aging provides an innovative master’s-level social work training program focused on preparing MSW students to become leaders and practitioners in the field of gerontological social work, with the knowledge and skills to meet the unique needs of this growing population.

The Lowy-GEM Program is based on a collaborative partnership between BUSSW and 20 health and social service organizations serving elders in the neighborhoods of Boston and surrounding communities. Participating students receive stipends through the Louis Lowy Fund in Gerontology and Social Welfare Policy and have the opportunity to earn the Louis Lowy Certificate in Gerontological Social Work. Students may enter the Lowy-GEM Program in either the foundation or advanced year, and there is a two-year option available. The program is equally suitable for clinical and macro students who are either full- or part-time.

The program consists of the following components:

  • Stipends for participating students
  • An internship model consisting of a primary placement in one of the participating agencies as well as a concurrent enrichment experience for a few hours a week in a second agency
  • A monthly seminar on topics related to gerontological social work
  • Ongoing professional development programs
  • The opportunity to earn the Louis Lowy Certificate in Gerontological Social Work
  • Post-MSW career guidance and mentorship

Underlying the Lowy-GEM Program in Aging is the belief that MSW students trained in this model will develop a sophisticated understanding of the needs of older clients and their families, the services available to meet those needs, and the complexities of providing client-centered care within intersecting health and social service systems.