Withdrawal, Leave of Absence, and Reinstatement

University Policy

School of Public Health Policy

Leave of Absence or Withdrawal

A degree candidate in good standing may request up to two semesters of leave of absence from the School of Public Health by completing a Request for Leave of Absence or Withdrawal form prior to the official start of the semester in which he or she wishes to take the leave of absence. In addition to the website, “Request for a Leave of Absence or Withdrawal” forms are available on the shelves outside the Registrar’s office on Talbot 210 Center.

To avoid academic and financial penalties, students must withdraw prior to the first day of the upcoming academic semester by completing a Request for a Leave of Absence or Withdrawal. If the School of Public Health Registrar does not receive a registered student’s request to take a leave of absence or to withdraw from the program prior to the start of the semester, the student will be liable for tuition and fees for registered courses based upon University policy. Students receiving tuition remission benefits from Boston University should contact their benefits representative for information should they seek to withdraw or file a Leave of Absence in addition to contacting the SPH Registrar’s office.

Degree candidates who fail to register for two consecutive fall and spring semesters without receiving approval from the SPH Registrar will be administratively withdrawn. Lack of registration does not constitute an official leave of absence or withdrawal.

If requesting a Leave of Absence, the request should include a reason for requesting the leave, the anticipated date of return to the degree program, the student’s name, address, Boston University identification number, and department(s) of concentration. Leaves of absence due to medical reasons are handled according to the procedures below. Students who are not able to continue in their degree program due to relocation, ongoing academic difficulty, or other personal circumstances may voluntarily withdraw from Boston University.

Leaves of Absence for Medical Reasons

Sometimes a student may need to interrupt their studies for medical reasons. The University Student Health Services office and the SPH Graduate Student Life office can assist a student who is deciding whether to take a medical leave and advise them about the steps necessary for a successful return. A student’s request for a leave of absence for medical reasons must be reviewed by Student Health Services or its designee.

University policy requires that a student “seeking to reenroll after a medical leave must demonstrate to the University that the student’s health permits the successful completion of studies.” The best timeframe to submit all materials to demonstrate good health will vary based on the desired semester of re-enrollment.