Community Health Sciences

The Department of Community Health Sciences is home to the faculty and students of two concentrations in the MPH: the Maternal & Child Health concentration and the Social & Behavioral Sciences concentration.

The Community Health Sciences faculty has diverse interests, reflected in their scholarly areas of interest and expertise, including:

  • Social and health inequities
  • Women’s, reproductive, and maternal health
  • Child and adolescent health
  • Substance abuse (especially tobacco, alcohol, and opiates)
  • Mental health
  • Obesity prevention
  • Family and intimate partner violence
  • Gender and sexuality
  • Urban community health
  • Public health and prevention in clinical settings

These scholarly areas are reflected in our research, teaching, and community service. We apply common skills to all content, in the following areas: assessment, intervention, communication, community-based research and practice, system change/translation/dissemination, policy change/advocacy, and evaluation.

Academic Programs

The Department of Community Health Sciences offers the Master of Public Health with concentrations in maternal & child health and social & behavioral sciences. It also plays a lead role in the Doctor of Public Health Program.