The goal of the faculty of the Department of Biostatistics is to participate actively in innovative research, advance medical and statistical science, and work closely with students so that they may acquire the knowledge to pursue productive careers in medical and public health research and practice at the highest levels.

The mission of the department is:

  • to teach students the proper conduct of research studies through rigorous study design and appropriate descriptive and analytic methods that enable valid, interpretable conclusions to be drawn;
  • to collaborate in research projects to ensure that studies are properly designed, appropriately analyzed, and suitably interpreted; and
  • to develop and evaluate new methods of biostatistical analysis and strategies for study design.

Academic Programs

Members of the Department of Biostatistics faculty also collaborate with Boston University’s Graduate School of Arts & Sciences in offering a Master of Arts in Biostatistics and a Doctor of Philosophy in Biostatistics. Admission to the MA and PhD programs in biostatistics is through the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences. For more information, call 617-638-5207.