Consumer Organizing and Advocacy for Health System Change

SPH PM 850

This course focuses on bringing change to our health system using consumer participation and advocacy. The course emphasizes the practical applications of capacities such as organizing and policy analysis to influence health policy particularly at the institutional, local, and state levels. Using the lens of policy change campaigns, we will learn about the major areas of an effective campaign, such as grassroots organizing, policy analysis, communications and stakeholder engagement. Extensive use of recent case examples ground the class in the current issues faced by community groups and other health interests in a rapidly changing health system. In this course, students will learn to distinguish the interest of consumers from providers, insurers and others groups working in the health care system. They will develop an understanding of the organizations that represent consumer interests and how organizing and advocacy can impact policy development. Students will learn theories of policy change as well as elements of an advocacy strategy and begin to apply those elements to real world political situations.

FALL 2018 Schedule

Section Instructor Location Schedule Notes
A1 TBA INS 213 M 6:00 pm-8:50 pm MED Campus
Class Closed

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