Global Trade, Intellectual Property and Public Health

SPH IH 885

On the broadest level, any person interested in international public health, needs to know about globalization and trade. Globalization rewards creative and technically skilled workers and places its largest pressures on lower-skilled workers. A specific example of globalization is that of India and their embrace of new intellectual property (IP) laws. The implementation of these IP and trade rules lies somewhere between outright opposition to reforming global IP rules and an unthinking acceptance that doing so will encourage biomedical innovation and improved health outcomes. The effects of stronger IP standards on health and innovation in medicines and diagnostics are ambiguous and thus need to be subjected to empirical analysis. This course will explore the complex and ambiguous relationship between global trade, intellectual property and its impact on public health.

FALL 2014 Schedule

Section Instructor Location Schedule Notes
A1 Kaplan CT 305 R 6:00 pm-8:45 pm Class meets ev
other Thursday
starting 9/4.
Pre-req: for
adv MPH or Drph
MED Campus
Class Closed

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