Microbes and Methods: Selected Topics in Outbreak Investigation

SPH EP 800

This course provides an overview of the important concepts fundamental to the understanding, design, and conduct of infectious disease outbreak investigations. The course will cover 1. The epidemiology and pathophysiology of selected infectious diseases. 2. Methodological issues related to investigating different types of outbreak. 3. Practical aspects of outbreak investigations (environmental analyses and communicating risk to the public). The course will primarily address common causes of outbreaks in this country (such as foodborne, respiratory, and hospital-based) but will touch on issues pertinent to outbreak investigations in the developing world. The course format consists of a series of lectures by faculty and guests, hands‐on experience with outbreak investigation data, directed readings from current literature, and student presentations on outbreaks of note. The course makes extensive use of SAS, so it is advised that students have completed or are enrolled concurrently in BS 723.

FALL 2015 Schedule

Section Instructor Location Schedule Notes
A1 670 107/8 T 10:00 am-12:45 pm Prereqs: MPH
Epi core course
& BS723.
Ok if BS723 is
MED Campus

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