Organizational Behavior

  • SMG OB 448: Negotiations
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: SMG OB 221.
    Focuses on the problems and possibilities of effective negotiations, conflict management, and power and influence at work and in other settings. Emphasizes developing both intellectual knowledge of approaches to negotiation, conflict and organizational influences and practical skills in applying that knowledge to various situations. 4 cr.
  • SMG OB 456: Leadership and Management of Nonprofit Organizations
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: SMG AC 222 and SMG OB 221.
    A well-managed social enterprise can translate idealism into action. It can help create a world that is more sustainable, more compassionate, and more just. This course will explore the distinctive aspects of launching, leading, and growing an enterprise -- nonprofit or for-profit -- whose primary goal is social impact. We will study mission, strategy, cause marketing, social entrepreneurship, and scaling. We will learn that success for social enterprise is driven less by a compelling story or a charismatic advocate than by diligent management and insightful leadership. The course will use a variety of lively in-class learning activities and assignments, including debates, role plays, case studies, site visits, and guest experts. All students will conduct a research project on a social enterprise of their choice, culminating in a paper and presentation.
  • SMG OB 460: The Leadership Challenge
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: SMG OB 221; preference given to seniors.
    Required for Organizational Behavior concentrators. Explores the nature of leadership in theory and practice. Emphasizes the perspective that leaders are needed at all levels in organizations. In addition to studying leaders, this course uses self-assessment as an initial step in creating a plan for personal leadership development. Students practice leadership by designing and executing a team community service project. 4 cr.
  • SMG OB 498: Directed Study: Organizational Behavior
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: consent of instructor.