Organizational Behavior

  • SMG OB 460: The Leadership Challenge
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: SMG OB 221; preference given to seniors.
    Required for Organizational Behavior concentrators. Explores the nature of leadership in theory and practice with the perspective that leaders are needed at all levels of organizations. The course design is experiential and reflects the idea that leadership skills are built not only from reading and studying leadership theories and cases, but more importantly, from actively engaging in activities that push students to develop new, more effective leadership capabilities. Students are immediately engaged in the real work of leaders through our innovative and exciting leadership challenge initiatives. 4 cr.
  • SMG OB 498: Directed Study: Organizational Behavior
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: consent of instructor and the department chairman.
    Directed study in Organizational Behavior. 2 or 4 cr. Application available on Undergraduate Program website.