Social Media Marketing

GSM MK 845

Social technology is continuously transforming the way consumers interact with each other and firms. Because of these changes, consumers have greater opportunity to voice their opinions and connect with other consumers and as well as increased influence over marketers and brands. This course covers the implications of the evolution of communication on marketing strategy in the new landscape where traditional and digital media coexist and interact. In this course, we examine how organizations capitalize on social media and these consumer-to-consumer interactions to support their marketing efforts. Specifically, we'll examine how this new technology can be used to (a) listen to consumers and monitor their behavior; (b) reach specific groups of consumers with messages via a variety of social media channels; (c) deliver content that draws consumers to the organization and to each other and motivates them to act; (d) effectively distributes content to a target audience; and (e) tracks the effectiveness of these efforts. We will particularly focus on the social aspect of social media and how social influence drives behavior. Because the pace of change in this area is so fast, we will challenge ourselves to look toward the future and predict where we think the field will go over the next five years. Throughout the course we will focus on 1) linking strategy and tactics and 2) measuring results. We will use a hands-on approach in examining these topics.

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