CAGS in Coaching

Changes to this program will take effect in the 2016–2017 academic year.

The Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study with a specialization in coaching is designed for individuals seeking either to begin a professional career in athletic coaching or to further their professional development by expanding and deepening their knowledge about coaching. This degree program is also appropriate for individuals who wish to move toward a career in coach education or research on coaching.  Incoming students must hold a master’s degree or its international equivalent from an accredited university.

The program of study includes a range of courses from which you may choose, depending upon your background and interests.

Program Requirements

Core Coursework (20 cr)

  • SED RS 600 Introduction to Research (4 cr)
  • One course in values (4 cr)
  • Three courses in coaching methodology (12 cr)

Elective Coursework (12 cr)

Students take three elective courses for a total of 12 credits. Elective coursework is chosen in consultation with an academic advisor. Students may choose electives from the following list of courses. With advisor approval, students may take courses other than those listed below.

Coaching, Organization, and/or Training

  • SED PE 504 Workshop on Coaching Strategies (4 cr)
  • SED PE 703 Management of Athletics and Physical Education (4 cr)
  • SED AP 761 Organizational Analysis (4 cr)
  • SED RS 751 Program Evaluation (4 cr)
  • SED PE 566 Coaching Young Athletes (4 cr)
  • SED PE 501 Advanced Methods of Coaching (4 cr)
  • SED PE 529 Psychology of Coaching Teams (4 cr)

Human Development and Psychology

  • SED CE 841 Theories of Human Development (infancy, childhood & early
    adolescence) (4 cr)
  • SED CE 842 Theories of Human Development (adolescence & early adulthood)
    (4 cr)
  • SED DS 504 Adolescent Development (3 cr)
  • SED SE 650 Children at Risk (4 cr)
  • SED CE 676 Socialization in Adolescence and Youth (4 cr)

Psychology of Performance

  • SED PE 702 Psychology of Motor Learning and Performance (4 cr)
  • SED CE 520 Psychology of Performance Excellence (4 cr)
  • SED CE 650 Counseling Techniques in Sport and Exercise Psychology (4 cr)
  • SED DS 700 Advanced Seminar in Sport and Exercise Psychology (4 cr)

Practicum (4 credits)

Students participate in a practicum experience under the direction of a licensed supervising practitioner.

  • SED PE 591 Coaching Practicum (2 cr)
  • SED PE 592 Coaching Practicum (2 cr)

Comprehensive Examination

CAGS candidates must successfully complete a comprehensive examination as a part of the CAGS degree. Students must file a formal application for the examination with the Program Director and faculty advisor.