Physical Education & Coaching

Program Overview

The Physical Education & Coaching Program at the graduate level prepares students for a variety of careers, including physical education, coaching, and work in youth agencies, health and fitness practices, and community-based associations. The approach is interdisciplinary, with courses from the life sciences, the humanities, and the social sciences all complementing the professional education courses. Within the Physical Education & Coaching Program, there are three tracks: physical education licensure, physical education non-licensure, and a coaching specialization.

Courses Open to Undergraduates

  • SED HE 221 Foundations of Health Education
  • SED HE 523 Applied Nutrition
  • SED PE 103 Introduction to Human Movement
  • SED PE 375 Psychology of Sport
  • SED PE 501 Methods of Coaching
  • SED PE 506 Motor Development: Considerations for Movement
  • SED PE 508 Curriculum and Special Methods for Physical Education
  • SED PE 211 Movement Education: Early Childhood to Adolescence
  • SED PE 513 Practical Applications for PE and HE
  • SED PE 250 Community Leadership through Youth Sport Coaching