Withdrawal, Leave of Absence, and Reinstatement

University Policy

School of Education Policy


An undergraduate student wishing to voluntarily withdraw from the School of Education must do so by submitting a signed request to the University Service Center (881 Commonwealth Avenue), where he or she may also meet with a member of the University Service Center staff.

Students wishing to withdraw or take a leave of absence must submit their requests in writing to the University Service Center, 881 Commonwealth Avenue (lower level), Boston, MA 02215. A withdrawal or leave of absence is effective on the day the signed request is received; tuition and fees are canceled in accordance with the University’s refund schedule, which is published by the Office of the University Registrar.


Students returning from an official leave of absence should meet with their faculty advisor. All other students must file a petition for reinstatement, found in the SED of Student Records Office, room 127.


Graduate students must fill out a leave of absence or withdrawal form in the SED Student Records Office, room 127. Continuing graduate students cannot drop to 0 credits on the Student Link. Deadlines for withdrawal and leaves of absence are posted on the Registrar’s website.

Graduate students who wish to withdraw from the University or take a leave of absence must submit a Withdrawal/Leave of Absence form to the SED Student Records Office. International students must meet with an International Students & Scholars Office advisor prior to any interruption of studies. Upon written request and for appropriate cause, a student will be allowed up to two semesters of leave of absence.

Obtaining transfer approval to another university from the International Students & Scholars Office does not withdraw a student from Boston University.

A request for a withdrawal or leave of absence is effective on the day it is received in the appropriate office; charges are canceled in accordance with the University’s published refund schedule, based on the effective date of the student’s leave of absence or withdrawal. Mere absence from class does not reduce financial obligations or guarantee that final grades will not be recorded.

The period of authorized leave of absence is counted as part of the time allowed for completion of degree requirements.

Graduate students who are voluntarily absent for one or  more semesters without officially taking a leave of absence must contact the  SED Student Records Office at least eight weeks before the start of the semester to inquire about reinstatement.