Academic Grievance

School of Education Policy

This policy applies solely to instances where a student feels aggrieved due to some faculty action of an academic nature, for example, grading or advising, and wishes redress. This procedure does not apply to grievances arising from a fellow student action or grievance arising from alleged disciplinary misconduct, or for sexual harassment, handled by other University or School-wide committees.

  1. In the event that a student feels aggrieved, the first step is to contact the relevant faculty member and schedule a meeting to discuss the matter. This should be done within two weeks of when the student became aware or should have become aware of the issue. (All time limits are subject to revision upon the agreement of both parties).
  2. In cases where the grieving student feels that a meeting with the faculty member would be unproductive, he/she may ask the Associate Dean for Student Affairs for the initial meeting. This shall be granted and a meeting held within two weeks of the request.
  3. In the event that the student feels as a result of the meeting with the faculty member that the matter was not resolved to his/her satisfaction, he/she may bring the matter to the attention of the Associate Dean. This must be done within one week of the meeting with the faculty member.
  4. Prior to the meeting, the Associate Dean will ask the relevant parties to supply all pertinent written material and correspondence in the matter. In addition, the Associate Dean will ask two faculty members to serve as ad hoc members of the Grievance Committee.
  5. A hearing will be scheduled where the grievant, the faculty member, the two ad hoc members of the Grievance Committee and the Associate Dean will meet to discuss the matter. One of the ad hoc faculty members shall chair the meeting. A student may bring an observer along with him/her but this person may not play an active role in the meeting.
  6. At the conclusion of the meeting, the Grievance Committee will meet and render a decision within three days, and notify all parties. In the event the student is dissatisfied with the result, he/she may appeal to the Dean of SED. The Dean’s decision is final.