Human Development & Education

  • SED DS 502: Adolescent Development
    An overview of diverse developmental theories of preadolescence and adolescence, including physical, cognitive, sociomoral, personal, and identity development. Examines how education may promote these broad, interrelated human competencies. Social institutions that promote or inhibit the growth and learning of adolescents- particularly in middle and secondary schools and within the family- are studied. Relies heavily on general reading with student- and faculty-led discussions. Requires an analytical paper or applied project. 2cr, either sem.
  • SED DS 504: Adolescent Development
    This course is an overview of diverse development theories of preadolescence, adolescence, and young adult development. Cognitive, sociomoral, personal, and identity development are examined as well as physical, motor, and fitness development. The course relies heavily on general reading with student - and faculty- led discussions.
  • SED DS 600: Culture, Ethnicity and Race: A developmental approach
    This graduate-level course is for students interested in human development and counseling. We consider cultural and racial-ethic differences in development and how these differences translate into counseling practices. We consider several topics including: communication, child-rearing, cognitive development, and schooling. 4 cr. either sem. and Sum.
  • SED DS 700: Advanced Seminar in Sport and Exercise Psychology
    Emphasis on theory, research, and applied aspects of contemporary sport and exercise psychology. Students develop a research project that involves conceptualizing a problem statement, designing a study, and collecting and analyzing data. 4cr, 2nd sem.