Health Education

  • SED HE 221: Foundations of Health Education
    Provides the foundation for improving health through modification of daily habits. Analysis of nutrition, exercise, stress, substance abuse, and environmental health. 2cr, either sem.
  • SED HE 522: Community Health
    Examines the interrelationship of school and community health programs. Community health services, health environment, and healthful living emphasized. The responsibilities and the coordination of school and agency personnel in total health education programs are addressed. 4 cr, 1st sem.
  • SED HE 523: Applied Nutrition
    Essential principles of nutrition applied to educational programs in school and community agencies. Enrichment of courses in heath education, nursing education, and allied health fields. Presentations by outstanding leaders in the areas of nutrition, medicine, public health, and education. 4 cr, either sem.
  • SED HE 554: Health Education Student Teaching Grades K-12
    Licensure track health education students complete this final practicum in the public schools with a licensed health educator as their supervising practitioner. The twelve-week practicum provides the opportunity for applying theory with teaching exposure in two school settings (secondary, middle and/or elementary). 8 cr, either sem.
  • SED HE 722: Curriculum Development for Health, Movement and Wellness
    For individuals in a variety of settings involved in planning curricula related to health, movement and wellness. Explores influences on curriculum development and implementation focusing on effective planning for behavior change in a variety of populations within schools and communities. 4 cr, 1st sem.