Educational Media & Technology

  • SED EM 670: Advanced Interactive Software Development
    Achieving the learning objectives of student-designed projects shapes student learning of advanced, multimedia, and authoring software. Students use software to build, test, and revise their own interactive, educational, multimedia, and program designs. Best taken in conjunction with EM690 or EM731. 2cr, 2nd sem.
  • SED EM 810: Practicum: Instructional Technology
    Graduate Prerequisites: one semester's work in the area of instructional technology.
    Field experience offered in media facilities of industry, higher education, health services, and instructional technology-centered school activities. Students spend time in media facilities programs. Variable cr, either sem.
  • SED EM 812: Internship: Educational Technology
    Graduate Prerequisites: consent of department chairman.
    Supervised fieldwork in various educational media settings. Selection of site and conditions is determined by student's preparation and program requirements. Variable cr.