Curriculum & Teaching

  • SED CT 375: Pre-Practicum in Secondary Schools
    Pre-practicum experience that engages students in observing and assisting in middle and/or high school classrooms. 2cr.
  • SED CT 500: Directed Study
    Prereq: Approval of advisor. Signed plan of study must be submitted in advance of registration on a Directed study form obtained from the SED Office of Records. Student initiated directed study to be completed with faculty member. Var cr.
  • SED CT 528: Curriculum Development in Intercultural Education
    Examines theoretical and practical aspects in the development of intercultural curriculum materials. Analysis of approaches to intercultural and multicultural education through the history of American schools and in other educational systems around the world. 4 cr.
  • SED CT 534: A Practical Approach to Classroom Management
    Designed to support middle and secondary teachers in developing a practical, effective and low-stress approach to classroom management. The course focuses on a classroom management system with four components: classroom structure, limit-setting, responsibility training and back-up systems. Participants will develop effective classroom management practices, break current "high cost" and ineffective strategies, and establish a proactive, positive classroom setting that maximizes time on learning and minimizes classroom disruptions. 2 cr.
  • SED CT 575: General Methods of Instruction, 5-12
    Development of teaching skills and classroom strategies common to a variety of teaching matters. Includes instructional planning, integrating subject matter with learner's age level and educational environment. Analysis of best practices across all academic areas, learning theories, evaluation, and specific teaching techniques. 4 cr.
  • SED CT 639: Building Democratic Schools
    Intended for students interested in school leadership or not for profit leadership. Students will examine a wide range of issues related to the philosophy, planning, governance and sustenance of democratic schools. 4 cr.
  • SED CT 703: Mentored Field Experience
    Open to matriculated students in Curriculum & Teaching seeking professional licensure in a field and at the level in which they hold a valid initial license. A minimum of 60 hours of mentored experience beyond the induction year. Seminar and field consultation with University staff. 2cr.
  • SED CT 735: Teacher Education and Professional Development
    A seminar for doctoral students interested in enhancing teacher quality by improving pre- service preparation, induction, and in-service education. Provides a developmental framework for thinking about the issues, research, and proposals for reform in teacher education and professional development. 4 cr.
  • SED CT 750: Basic Principles for Curriculum and Teaching
    Focuses on principles of curriculum design and classroom teaching. Seminar format for doctoral students only. 4 cr.
  • SED CT 770: Seminar on Teaching
    In-depth study of the philosophy, sociology, the practice of teaching. Although most of the readings related are PreK-12 schooling, students interested in teaching in other settings are welcome. Not a course in beginning methods of instruction. 4 cr.
  • SED CT 799: Master's Thesis in Curriculum and Teaching
    Students seeking to complete a master's thesis must present a proposal and secure approval of their advisor. 4 cr.
  • SED CT 801: Practicum/Practicum Equivalent: Supervisor/Director
    Graduate Prerequisites: Open only to candidates for Massachusetts certification as supervisors/directors and to matriculated graduate students who have completed prerequisites.
    Requires 300 hours of supervised clinical experience the role of a supervisor/director principal. Through such a residency, students will assume responsibility for both routine activities and special assignments encompassing the four Massachusetts administrative leadership standards: Instructional Leadership, Management and Operations, Family and Community Engagement, and Professional Culture.?During each monthly seminar session, students will reflect on their activities and, in collaboration with the seminar leader, track their mastery of each standard and indicator. Open only to candidates for Massachusetts licensure as a supervisor director who have completed at least 16 credits of coursework for initial licensure. 4 cr.
  • SED CT 802: Field Experience in Curriculum and Teaching
    Graduate Prerequisites: Open only to matriculated graduate students who have completed prerequisites. Consent of department chairman required.
    Supervised field experience for students holding professional appointments. Must meet field of knowledge requirements and professional preparation that is equivalent to licensure sequence. Open only to matriculated graduate students who have completed prerequisites. Instructor permission required. 8 cr
  • SED CT 900: Independent Study
    Prereq: Approval of advisor. Signed plan of study must be submitted in advance of registration on an Independent study form obtained from the SED Office of Records. See SED AP 900 for description. Var cr.
  • SED CT 999: Dissertation Advisement
    See SED AP 999 for description.