Counseling & Counseling Psychology

  • SED CE 848: Proseminar on Effective Interventions (Child)
    An in-depth review of the principles of counseling youth, with particular emphasis on empirically supported treatments (EST's). Reviews theoretical perspectives and their research bases; explores change processes and outcomes associated with child psychotherapy; examines current state of the "EST's" literature.
  • SED CE 850: Coun,Psy Super
  • SED CE 851: Prosem Voc Psyc
  • SED CE 852: Prev Couns Psy
  • SED CE 853: Proseminar on Counseling Health Psychology
    Critical reviews of contemporary counseling psychology research topics and methods in the field of health psychology. Issues of equality and social justice, and multiculturalism will be explored in relation to health and wellness promotion and outcomes. 2cr, either sem.
  • SED CE 856: Seminar: Counseling Psychology
    Introduction to professional psychology, its history and standards. Current status and directions in counseling psychology. Ethical principles and behavior. 1cr, either sem.
  • SED CE 946: Advanced Practicum
    Graduate Prerequisites: Open only to matriculated graduate students who have completed prerequisites.
    Open only to matriculated graduate students who have completed prerequisites. Supervised field experience with students assuming major responsibility for counseling, testing, placement, and follow-up of clients. 3-4cr, either sem.
  • SED CE 948: Supervision in Counseling
    Examination of supervision of counseling in theory, process, and practice. Assumption of direct supervisory responsibility. Permission of the instructor required. 2-4cr, either sem.