• SED ED 245: Theory and Practice of Peer Counseling
    Examines the theory of peer counseling and the development of specific counseling skills. Students enrolled in this class will serve as peer advisors in the CAS First Year Seminar course. 2 cr. Either sem.
  • SED ED 246: Practicum in Peer Leadership and Mentoring
    Provides advanced mentoring training and leadership experience for selected students who have completed ED245 (Theory and Practice or Peer Counseling). Students will mentor the students serving as peer mentors in FY101 (First Year Seminar) and enrolled in ED245. 2cr, 1st sem.
  • SED ED 251: Community Service in an Urban Setting
    For students participating in volunteer community service; reflect on the experience, with academically- appropriate readings, periodic discussion guided by the instructor, and graded writing assignments. A1: Volunteering in the Boston Public Schools. Instructor: Ruth Shane. B1: Volunteering with Reach out and Read. Instructor: Katherine Sullivan
  • SED ED 410: Social Context of Education
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: Juniors and seniors only. (SED ED 410 section C1 open to Non-SED students ONLY. All levels.)
    How culture, race, language, poverty, social change, urban pressures, and rural isolation affect the work of schools and other educational institutions, based upon reading, discussion, field research, and extensive writing by students. SED ED 410 A1 and ED 412 A1 must be taken in the same semester or ED 410 B1 in the fall and ED 412 B1 in the spring. 2cr.
  • SED ED 412: Civic Context of Education
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: SED ED 410; Juniors and Seniors only. (SED ED 412 section C1 open to Non-SED students ONLY. All levels.)
    Political and professional decision making in education in a democracy, emergent issues in educational policy, and the ethics of educational practice, based upon reading, discussion, planning exercises, and extensive writing by students. ED 410 A1 and ED 412 A1 must be taken in the same semester or ED 410 B1 in the fall and ED 412 B1 in the spring. 2cr.
  • SED ED 500: Foundations of Educational Practices
    Graduate Prerequisites: Open only to graduate students enrolled in classroom initial licensure programs.
    Open only to graduate students enrolled in classroom initial licensure programs. Focuses on learning and teaching in schools in terms of historical, philosophical, social, and political issues. An introduction to the occupation of teaching through placement in local schools, lectures, readings, written assignments, and small group discussions. 6cr, 1st sem, Summer Term.
  • SED ED 501: Foundations of Educational Practice Lab
    Orientation to school requirements, state licensure, and technology. Introduction to the uses of educational media and technology in classrooms. Includes introduction to networks accessible to teachers and students. Must be taken concurrently with SED ED 500. 1st sem, Summer Term.
  • SED ED 502: Ana Fnds Tch
  • SED ED 503: Professional Teaching Seminar I: Analyzing Foundations of Teaching
    Introductory seminar analyzes important foundational teaching issues: varieties of excellent teaching, diverse philosophies of schools, curriculum complexities in middle and senior high schools, history of education for the 20th and 21st centuries, and the power of community - culture - school inter-relations. ED 502 A1 must be taken in the fall, and ED 503 A1 must be taken in the spring.
  • SED ED 600: Schooling in the United States
    An overview of the social and policy context of elementary and secondary schooling in the United States, and of current reform initiatives, through readings, guest speakers, discussions, and field experiences in urban schools. 4 cr. either sem.
  • SED ED 703: Intellectual History of Education: Plato, Rousseau, James and Lewis
    Readings in and discussion of The Republic, Émile, Talks with Teachers, and The Abolition of Man? Intended to introduce doctoral students to the thinking and writing about significant issues in education with conceptual sophistication. 4cr, 1st sem.
  • SED ED 704: The Intellectual Foundations of Education
    Emphasize close readings of selections from significant philosophic texts, discussions about the issues they raise, and connections to contemporary debates about American education. Included will be selections from Locke, Franklin, Jefferson, Rousseau, Pestalozzi, Emerson, Mann, and Dewey. 4cr, 2nd sem.
  • SED ED 950: Continuing Study
    For EdM, CAGS, and EdD candidates who have completed all coursework and who are preparing for comprehensive examinations or dissertation hearings, or are completing theses. No credit.
  • SED EM 670: Advanced Interactive Software Development
    Achieving the learning objectives of student-designed projects shapes student learning of advanced, multimedia, and authoring software. Students use software to build, test, and revise their own interactive, educational, multimedia, and program designs. Best taken in conjunction with EM690 or EM731. 2cr, 2nd sem.
  • SED EM 810: Practicum: Instructional Technology
    Graduate Prerequisites: one semester's work in the area of instructional technology.
    Field experience offered in media facilities of industry, higher education, health services, and instructional technology-centered school activities. Students spend time in media facilities programs. Variable cr, either sem.
  • SED EM 812: Internship: Educational Technology
    Graduate Prerequisites: consent of department chairman.
    Supervised fieldwork in various educational media settings. Selection of site and conditions is determined by student's preparation and program requirements. Variable cr.
  • SED EN 501: Teaching Classic and Contemporary Texts
    Students will examine the demands of texts in the secondary classroom and components of successful reading. The course will analyze research-based practices in reading instruction in the middle and secondary English Language Arts classes. Methods for assessing and differentiating according to various dimensions will be introduced. 4cr. 1st sem.
  • SED EN 502: Student-Teaching Reflective Seminar
    EN502 offers undergraduate English Education majors engaging in their student-teaching the opportunity to come together weekly with a faculty member to reflect upon successes, challenges, and questions raised by the internship. Students will engage in common readings and write short weekly reflections that synthesize assigned readings and the internship experience. 2cr, 1st sem.
  • SED EN 503: Lesson Design & Instruction Delivery in the Humanities
    This course will introduce students to different models of lesson planning and unit planning as well as research-based strategies for effective instructional delivery in the secondary humanities classroom. It will include a 75 hour pre-practicum experience. 4cr, either sem.
  • SED EN 504: Student-Teaching Half Practicum: English, 5-8
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: SED EN 508.
    Graduate Prerequisites: Open only to matriculated graduate students who have completed prerequisites.
    Minimum 150 hours required. For description, see SED EN 507. 4 cr, 1st sem.