CAGS/MSD in Periodontology

The first year of the 36-month CAGS program is primarily devoted to the pursuit of the research project of the master’s degree and emphasizes the sciences essential to understanding the principles of clinical periodontology. The first year may also include clinical experiences and related coursework. The second year continues with research and clinical experiences with additional didactic courses. These include clinical medical sciences, microbiology/immunology, periodontology, periodontal microsurgery, treatment planning, implantology, oral medicine, and oral pathology. The third clinical year is devoted to the clinical practice of this specialty, with additional didactic instruction in the clinical sciences. Also during this third year, the clinical research is completed. Students are also involved in teaching and off-site clinical service.

MSD Requirements

The MSD entails a research project and thesis and is an integral component of the 36-month program for qualified students. Depending on the time needed to complete the research component, additional time beyond the 36 months may be necessary for successful completion of the MSD.

Other coursework may be assigned at the discretion of the research advisor and the department chair.


Year 1—Research

  • SDM PE 801 Histology/Embryology – Clinical Relevance in Diagnosis and Therapy of Periodontal Disease
  • SDM PE 817 Seminar Grand Rounds
  • SDM PE 823 Periodontal Therapy I
  • SDM PE 911 Clinical Periodontology
  • SDM PE 991 Research: Periodontology

Year 2—Clinic 1

  • SDM OB 761 Oral Microbiology
  • SDM OB 763 Basic Processes in Oral Biology
  • SDM OS 761 Medical Concerns of the Dental Patient
  • SDM OS 828 Anxiety and Pain Control
  • SDM OS 831 Head and Neck Anatomy
  • SDM PA 801 Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology
  • SDM PE 803 Periodontology III: Selected Topics in Periodontology
  • SDM PE 807 Seminar: Case Presentation/Treatment Planning
  • SDM PE 815 Periodontal Literature Review I
  • SDM PE 817 Seminar: Grand Rounds
  • SDM PE 827 Applied Dental Pharmacology
  • SDM PE 828 Periodontal Literature Review III: Periodontology Current Literature
  • SDM PE 830 Clinical Applications of Oral Medicine and Oral Pathology
  • SDM PE 912 Clinical Periodontology
  • SDM PH 763 Bioethics and Law
  • SDM PH 800 Introduction to Biostatistics/Epidemiology
  • SDM PR 844 Implantology Literature Review
  • SDM PR 845 Implantology Literature Topics
  • SDM PR 846 Implantology Case Presentation
  • SDM PR 849 Introduction to Dental Implant Restoration
  • SDM PE 992 Research Periodontology

Year 3—Clinic 2

  • SDM PE 804 Periodontal Literature Review III: Selected Topics in Periodontology
  • SDM PE 808 Seminar: Case Presentation/Treatment Planning
  • SDM PE 816 Periodontal Literature Review
  • SDM PE 818 Seminar: Grand Rounds
  • SDM PE 829 Periodontal Literature Review III
  • SDM PE 913 Clinical Periodontology
  • SDM PR 761 Occlusion
  • SDM PR 847 Implantology Case Presentation
  • SDM OS 829 Nitrous Oxide/Oxygen Sedation
  • SDM PR 832 Temporomandibular Disorders and Orofacial Pain
  • SDM PE 945 Nutrition and Oral Health
  • SDM PE 946 Practice Management
  • SDM PE 993 Research Periodontology