Combined CAGS in Periodontology Programs

CAGS in Periodontology/MSD in Oral Biology

The first year of this 36-month CAGS/MSD program (see the MSD in Oral Biology for a detailed description) is devoted to a laboratory-based research project that utilizes and emphasizes the sciences essential for understanding the principles of biology relevant to oral tissues, oral structures, oral diseases, and relationships with systemic biology and health. The second year is the first clinical year and includes basic didactic courses in oral biology, clinical medical sciences, microbiology/immunology, periodontology, principles of occlusion, orthodontics, oral medicine, and oral pathology. In addition, there is a 50 percent time commitment to the clinical practice of periodontics. The third clinical year is devoted to the clinical practice of this specialty, with additional instruction in the clinical sciences and clinical research. Residents are also involved in teaching and off-site clinical service. This program is designed to meet the formal educational requirements of the American Academy of Periodontology and the American Dental Association. Graduates become board-eligible on completion of Part I of the Board Examinations.

CAGS in Periodontology/DSc in Oral Biology

A limited number of candidates are accepted into a program that combines the requirements for a CAGS in Periodontology with the requirements for a DSc in Oral Biology. The didactic curriculum for this combined program is individualized but comprises all essential elements of both programs. The research project is conducted with oral biology faculty in the Department of Molecular & Cell Biology. The clinical requirements for the CAGS in Periodontology and the research requirements for the DSc must be fulfilled to the satisfaction of the departments faculty. The entire program will take five or six years and may follow a sequential or integrated pattern depending on the area of specialization and background of the candidate. The clinical requirements for the CAGS and the research requirements for the DSc must be fulfilled to the satisfaction of the faculty in both departments.