Orthodontic Seminar II

SDM OR 821

Shorter courses for second year residents comprising the following seminars: OR 821.1 The Efficiency and Business of Orthodontics: Etiology of malocclusions and dysfunction; selecting efficient alternative treatment mechanics; new technology tools; efficient management of a private orthodontic practice, Dr. Walker, 1 cr, 3rd and 4th sem., 16 hours. OR 821.2 Case Review/Selective Early Treatment: Issues related to orthodontic treatment of children and adults. Dr. Becker. 1 cr, 3rd and 4th sem., 16 hours. 821.3 ABO Review. Preparation for ABO phase 2 exam and annual assessment exams. Dr. Parsi and faculty, 1 cr, 4th sem., 10 hours. OR 821.4 Orthognathic Surgery: Diagnosis, treatment planning, and treatment of dentofacial deformities. Dr. Mehra and faculty 1 cr, 3rd and 4th sem., 10 hours. OR 821.5: Bidimensional treatment: Practical and theoretical aspects of Bi-Dimensional orthodontic therapy in all types of malocclusions. 1 cr, 3rd and 4th sem., 12 hours.

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