Dental Public Health (PH)

  • SDM PH 810: Introduction to Dental Public Health
    This course presents an overview of dental public health. Through lectures, class discussions, and projects, students will learn to apply the principles of dental public health, dental epidemiology, community-based oral health promotion, disease prevention strategies, and outcome assessment. 1st sem.
  • SDM PH 812: Oral Epidemiology
    This course will provide the student with 1) the principles of epidemiology, relating these principles to the diseases of the oral cavity and 2) demonstrate the designs for clinical and community-based studies. Upon completion of the course, the student should be able to understand the strengths and limitations in the design of such studies. 1st sem.
  • SDM PH 821: Dental Public Health Literature Review
    This course will provide the students with the tools to critically evaluate the literature. Students will become familiar with the classical dental literature. 1st and 2nd sem.
  • SDM PH 872: Current Issues in Dental Public Health
    This course provides the student with an overview of current concepts and programs in dental public health and their relationship to the four major dental public health competency areas: health policy and administration, health promotion and disease prevention, delivery systems, and research. The course will familiarize students with various approaches to meeting the oral health needs of high risk populations on the local, national, and international levels.
  • SDM PH 890: Seminars in Dental Public Health
    This course gives the student the opportunity to interact with invited speakers who are leaders in the field of Dental Public Health, Dentistry or affiliated disciplines. The amount of credit awarded will vary depending on the duration of study. 1st and 2nd sem.
  • SDM PH 892: Dental Public Health Grand Rounds
    This course is intended to provide a formal review of current topics of interest to the dental public health field. Specifically, this course provides a seminar format to update information on the current hot topics in dental public health, with an emphasis on preparation for the DPH Board examinations. In this course, graduate student and faculty participants will review recent topics covered in the published public health literature. The bi-monthly meeting will consist of a critical discussion of dental public health emerging topics, encompassing policy, health care reform, workforce issues, and updates/review of Oral Epidemiology. Year 1, 1st and 2nd sem.
  • SDM PH 900: Directed Study in Dental Public Health
    Directed study in Dental Public Health. Variable Credits.
  • SDM PH 911: Public Health Project
    Students attain public health, primary care, or public health policy and administration experience through placement at one of several extramural sites. Experience may be correlated with the student's research topic.
  • SDM PH 991: Research in Dental Public Health
    Investigation necessary to satisfy requirements for the MSD and DScD degrees. May include any aspect of public health dentistry including needs assessment, program planning, public policy, and administration and finance. In most instances, an epidemiologic or biostatistical analysis is required.