Student Advising

Sargent College Policy

Students are assigned to faculty members in their major area of study for assistance and advice throughout their academic careers. All full-time faculty members assist a group of students. Any student may ask his or her department chair for a change of advisor if he or she feels such a change will improve the advising situation.

Faculty advisors are responsible for:

  1. being available by appointment during office hours when students request meetings;
  2. consulting with students who have academic problems in order to assist them;
  3. advising students of available Boston University counseling and other services, should they need further assistance;
  4. meeting with their advisees at each registration period to approve courses selected by each student; and
  5. making recommendations concerning all aspects of course selection and graduation requirements.

Academic Services Center

The Sargent College Academic Services Center offers advising appointments to assist students with academic and registration processes; general program and degree requirements; and details of the individual student’s academic record. Other services such as processing requests for transfer courses, minors within Sargent or in other BU programs, and Study Abroad options are also handled in the Academic Services Center, Room 207 in Sargent.

Disability Services

Individuals with disabilities are encouraged to contact Disability Services to discuss any support services or accommodations they may need. The office is located at 19 Deerfield Street, 2nd Floor, Boston, MA 02215; 617-353-3658 (Voice/TTY).