Client Factors and Occupational Performance

SAR OT 566

This graduate course in occupational therapy is designed to be taken concurrently with two other complementary courses: OT 565 (Skills for Occupation Based Practice 2) and OT 586( Professional Service Management). This component of the course sequence focuses on knowledge and resources needed for effective clinical reasoning about occupation-based evaluation and intervention for the Biomechanical and Neurorehabilitation theoretical perspectives. Topics covered included diagnostic conditions and disorders, theoretical perspectives, research evidence, and practice contexts/environments. Content is applied to individuals living with chronic conditions who are most likely to benefit from remediation interventions to enable performance of meaningful occupations, e.g., ADLs/IADLs, work, education, play, leisure, rest and sleep, and social participation. Classes will consist primarily of lectures, group discussions, audiovisual presentations, and case study discussions. Considerable self-directed learning is expected.

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