Health Care Management - PT

SAR HP 770

This course will instruct and reinforce students in the fundamental theories and skills of health care management for the physical therapist. The course is designed for the student who intends to be a full-time clinician, with acknowledgement that leaders in the health care environment rarely are able to ignore sound management principles for long. Many health and rehabilitation professionals will assume the role of a manager or have supervisory responsibilities during the course of their career, often sooner than expected. This course develops and enhances the students' understanding of the health care system, the social and economic forces affecting the health care system, and its ability to function effectively. Additionally, the course will prepare students to enter the workforce by introducing them to a variety of tools and experiences that will enable them to manage organizations, programs, resources, and people more effectively. Emphasis in this course is on US and Massachusetts' policies and legislation, managing human resources, marketing, technology and information, accounting and finance, quality, and measuring performance. Current professional and APTA issues will be discussed as they relate to our course objectives. The course is largely based on a discussion/lecture format, with significant content being taught by guests who are experts in their fields. Students will learn and experience management skills first hand through class experiences and projects.

FALL 2017 Schedule

Section Instructor Location Schedule Notes
A1 Coggeshall KCB 106 T 8:00 am-10:45 am

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