Rehabilitation Sciences

  • SAR RS 650: Philosophy of Science
    This course serves as an introduction into philosophy of science and ethics. The first four lectures will focus on the different perspectives in the organism-environment relationship, mind-body distinction, and action will be discussed. These perspectives will be related to theories on the emergence of knowledge, conceptual frameworks in health and rehabilitation sciences, and ethical reasoning. The goal of this course is to facilitate the ability of the students to critically analyze the assumptions of theories and models in health and rehabilitation sciences. Format of sessions will be lecture, discussion and presentation of main assignment. Student presentations will be integrated into the topics presented.
  • SAR RS 870: Emerging Topics
    A seminar for doctoral students that focuses on a different topic each semester.
  • SAR RS 890: Doctoral Seminar in Rehabilitation Sciences
    This seminar allows for a discussion of topics of interest to doctoral-level students in the ScD program in Rehabilitation Sciences, and is designed to provide insight in 1) curricular aspects of the ScD program, 2) mentor-mentee relationship, 3) skills necessary for ScD graduates entering the field of rehabilitation sciences with a research doctorate, and 4) interdisciplinary nature of the field of rehabilitation. This course enhances the student's ability to successfully complete the ScD program by working on skills needed to write and critically review IRB proposals, research manuscripts and research grant proposals, to outline ethical dilemmas in research, to formulate and disseminate a line of inquiry, and to distinguish various career paths. Literature addressing these issues will be used throughout to illustrate the arguments.
  • SAR RS 900: Yr 1 Mentorship
  • SAR RS 910: Rs Scd Dir Read
  • SAR RS 911: Rs Scd Dir Res
  • SAR RS 920: Comp Exam
  • SAR RS 930: Dis Pro Dev
  • SAR RS 940: Dis Reseach
  • SAR RS 991: Rs Scd Diswrite