Rehabilitation Sciences

  • SAR RS 650: Foundations of Rehabilitation Sciences
    This course provides an overview of the field of rehabilitation science and an introduction to the social constructs of disability with an emphasis on bio-psycho-social-environmental models of the enabling-disabling process across the life course. The historical, philosophical and theoretical foundations of Rehabilitation Science and the evolution of laws and policies related to rehabilitation that inform the ethical, funding, and social implications of rehabilitation research are analyzed. The course will also provide an in-depth understanding of person-environment interactions and the link between biomedical factors and community participation.
  • SAR RS 750: Research Design
    This course serves as an introduction into research designs relevant to rehabilitation science. The first set of sessions provides the background and framework for understanding the reasoning behind different research designs. The remaining sessions focus on various categories of research designs, the types of research questions these designs address, and the types of data analyses that are appropriate to the designs. The course content is integrated with the content students received in Philosophy of Rehabilitation Science. Format of sessions are lecture, discussion, and experiential. Student assignments are individualized to student areas of mentored research. Student presentations are integrated into the topics presented according to the class schedule.
  • SAR RS 790: Teaching Skills
    The role of the researcher as teacher is highly valued but seldom emphasized in graduate education. This course is designed to provide students with the opportunity to learn and practice sound teaching and learning principles and mechanics into the teaching of College-level students. Students will be required to present a class four times during the semester. Following presentations, the student will be critiqued by the instructor and by peers. Students will also be given a number of readings around which discussion will take place. Discussion will emphasize how students might incorporate the lessons from their readings into the next presentation. Finally students will be required to develop a detailed course outline and schedule and a sample lesson. Ideally this will be preparation for a class that the student may eventually teach. The primary emphasis will be on teaching of medium to large classes using the lecture method.
  • SAR RS 870: Emerging Topics
    A seminar for doctoral students that focuses on a different topic each semester.
  • SAR RS 890: Doctoral Seminar in Rehabilitation Sciences
    This seminar allows for a discussion of topics of interest to doctoral-level students in the PhD program in Rehabilitation Sciences, and is designed to provide insight in 1) curricular aspects of the PhD program, 2) mentor-mentee relationship, 3) skills necessary for PhD graduates entering the field of rehabilitation sciences with a research doctorate, and 4) interdisciplinary nature of the field of rehabilitation. This course enhances the student's ability to successfully complete the PhD program by working on skills needed to write and critically review IRB proposals, research manuscripts and research grant proposals, to outline ethical dilemmas in research, to formulate and disseminate a line of inquiry, and to distinguish various career paths. Literature addressing these issues will be used throughout to illustrate the arguments.
  • SAR RS 910: RS PhD Directed Reading
    For students working with a faculty member on a topic-specific literature review.
  • SAR RS 911: RS PhD Directed Research
    For students working with a faculty member on a research project other than the student's final dissertation research.
  • SAR RS 920: RS PhD Comprehensive Examination
    For students in the PhD program in Rehabilitation Sciences who are working on the comprehensive examination. RS900 should be completed with a grade of P.
  • SAR RS 930: RS PhD Dissertation Proposal Development
    Continuing registration for PhD students in Rehabilitation Sciences, used after passing the comprehensive exam and prior to beginning the final dissertation research. RS 920 should be completed with a grade of P.
  • SAR RS 940: RS PhD Dissertation Research
    Continuing registration for PhD students in Rehabilitation Sciences who are completing the dissertation. RS 930 should be completed with a grade of P or waived by petition.