• SAR SH 752: Hearing Practicum II
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: MS in Speech-Language Pathology only.
    Establishing written goals for aural habilitation and rehabilitation though sample cases, online. Hands-on training and practice with hearing aids and other assistive listening devices in a workshop format.
  • SAR SH 755: Applied Speech Science
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: Consent of instructor.
    The purpose of this course is to introduce students to those aspects of speech science that bear on clinical issues in speech-language pathology. Classes are structured to include the presentation of new material followed by an in-class lab session that applies the new concepts. Topics include acoustic phonetics, basic signal processing, speech analysis software, disordered speech analysis, and speech perception.
  • SAR SH 756: Cognition and Neural Bases
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: Consent of instructor.
    The purpose of this course is to provide students with a thorough understanding of the brain and its neuroanatomy; students will also learn about common models of language processing and the latest advances in neuroimaging studies on language processing in the brain. When students have completed this course, they should be able to (a) be able to identify various structures in the brain and their significance, (b) relate specific communicative disorders to their etiology in the brain, (c) relate models of language processing with specific regions in the brain, and (d) critically evaluate existing neuroimaging studies based on models of language processing and neuroanatomy.
  • SAR SH 760: MS Thesis Res
  • SAR SH 790: Comprehensive Examination
    0 credits, either semester
  • SAR SH 901: Indep Study
  • SAR SH 906: Intern Teach
  • SAR SH 942: Thesis Research
    Tutorial conferences with appropriate faculty concerning development and completion of thesis project.
  • SAR SH 982: Dissert Res